Periodontal Disease

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Periodontal Treatment in North Phoenix 

Healthy, beautiful, and comfortable smiles allow for a positive lifestyle and improve self-confidence. Periodontal disease, however, can destabilize oral health and cause long-term dental issues. Primarily found in the gums and around the supporting structures of the teeth, this bacterial infection reduces the smile’s longevity and visual appeal.

Dustin D. Karren, DMD, offers proven periodontal treatment and maintenance to eliminate infection and re-establish health. Karren Dental sees families and individuals who have gum disease and other severe issues with the goal of preserving their teeth, gums, and jaw bone for a lifetime. 

How Bacteria Impact Gum Health 

Your teeth and the surrounding structures require a delicate balance of hygiene and a good diet. Brushing and flossing eliminate excess food particles that support bacterial growth, while a healthy diet strengthens teeth and gums. Without these oral health components, bacteria and their byproducts will take a toll. 

Plaque is left behind by bacteria which hardens and turns into tartar, a substance that cannot be removed by brushing alone. Bacteria also spread to the gums, beneath their protective lining, and all the way to the tooth root. Over time, they cause gums to recede, creating pockets around teeth that become easy traps for food. At advanced stages this infection, called periodontitis, can be identified by following symptoms: 

Bad Breath 
Loose Teeth
Yellowed Teeth 
Sensitive and Sore Gums
Bleeding Gums when Flossing

Research has discovered that without proper dental attention, periodontitis has been found to spread to other parts of the body, impacting general well-being. Dr. Karren will treat anyone with severe periodontitis and emphasizes preventive care right as symptoms are noticed, avoiding additional health risks. 

Reversing Gum Disease and Periodontitis in Phoenix 

The team at Karren Dental prides itself on excellent care with a gentle touch. Due to the discomfort often caused by gum tissue problems, Dr. Karren and his hygienists take the time to understand the sources of pain and deliver treatments to restore comfort and rebuild function. Care begins with a thorough examination to diagnose the extent of infection, and then match patients with a customized treatment plan that includes: 

Root Planing and Scaling – Special instruments are used to meticulously remove tartar from the surfaces of teeth and below the gums. This efficient treatment allows the gums to reattach to teeth, reducing pockets, and is minimally invasive.  

Regular Maintenance – Additional cleanings and root planing/scaling procedures may be necessary to achieve renewed oral health. Dr. Karren will also give dietary advice and educate on proper hygiene techniques to ensure continued improvement in the smile. 

Contact Karren Dental If You Have Symptoms of Gum Disease Symptoms

Our practice focuses on improving your total oral health with periodontal treatments as part of our general dental care. We will always address your concerns and connect you with specialists when indicated. Serving Phoenix, Moon Valley, and all surrounding areas, call our office today for an appointment with Dr. Karren. 

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