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Teeth Extractions in Phoenix from Karren Dental

At Karren Dental, we work together to provide personalized care to all of our patients, with the ultimate goal of saving teeth. Extraction may be necessary when your oral health is affected by harmful elements, such as poor hygiene and dental infection, Dr. Dustin Karren and his highly-trained staff oversee successful teeth extractions in Phoenix for patients in need of relief.

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Extractions and restorative dental care in Phoenix.

When Are Extractions Necessary?

In most cases, restorative treatments, such as root canal therapy, save failing teeth effectively. However, when decay is extensive, or if you’ve experienced dental trauma or accelerated periodontal disease, extraction may be necessary to preserve the health and function of your oral anatomy. Teeth can also become trapped beneath gums or crowd neighboring teeth, which detracts from your smile and overall well-being.

During initial consultations, Dr. Karren performs detailed examinations to determine the best course of action. Using intraoral cameras and digital x-rays, Dr. Karren will be able to pinpoint damage and developing problems before outlining an effective treatment plan that takes your comfort and aesthetics into full consideration.

Safe Extractions in Phoenix

Dr. Karren has extensive experience performing extractions and understands how to conduct them safely and efficiently. We use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment site so that you can fully relax during your procedure. While you may feel pressure from the operation itself, you will not feel discomfort. For those who require additional help relaxing, we also offer sedation and nitrous oxide.

Before any procedure, Dr. Karren goes over concerns with patients. We help them achieve a full understanding of their treatment, including what to expect and advice on proper post-care.

Long-Term Healing and Permanent Replacement

After extractions, it is important to keep the treatment site clean so that further infections do not occur. Stitches are typically used to aid in the healing process, but there are tips you can follow on your own to help guarantee comfort. Your diet should consist of cool foods that are easy to chew and be sure to rinse your mouth with warm salt water in the days following the treatment.

Karren Dental offers a variety of restoration options for patients who need to replace missing teeth. In the case of individual extractions, we offer crowns and dental bridges which utilize surrounding teeth to stay firmly in place. For bridges, patients can choose between removable and permanent prosthetics.

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At Karren Dental, we prioritize our patients’ comfort and well-being. If you have teeth compromised by extensive decay, we perform safe extractions in North Phoenix and Moon Valley that preserve health and function. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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